27.10.2023 // 23:00 – 06:00

Unterdeck @ Fridas Pier, Stuttgart-Ost


✧ JOYHAUSER (Filth On Acid, Drumcode/Belgium)
✧ Bjørnson
✧ Chris Hirose

Born out of a deep passion for electronic music culture, Joyhauser is one of the most exciting, incendiary acts in today’s techno scene. Since their emergence in 2017 the notorious duo has smashed dance floors across the world, picking up a huge following and gaining support from many of the scene’s most influential figureheads, including Amelie Lens and Pan-Pot and Adam Beyer. A few short years after they emerged on the scene, they were picking up bookings at highly-respected club spaces all over the world; traveling from their native Belgium to North and South America, across Europe and beyond. Their music has a unique flavour, combining influences from techno, trance, Belgium’s own distinct rave sound and a myriad of other styles. Preferring not to rush, the duo cultivated and nurtured the music over many years before presenting it to the public, as a result Joyhauser’s music stands in a class of its own with releases on Terminal M, Second State and Kraftek. Part of Belgium’s new generation of exceptional techno talents, Joyhauser are a potent partnership with the drive, determination and experience to deliver each and every time…

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