1. 22.09.2023 // 23:00 – 06:00 Uhr

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Unterdeck@ Fridas Pier, Stuttgart-Ost

✧ Jakob (From Another Mind / Gotec Club Karlsruhe)
✧ Jannis Maxxim (Schimmer Records)
✧ Leo Tiger (Trabanten Kollektiv)

Hailing from the southern underground scene, Jakob is a vital voice of the „From Another Mind“ crew, renowned for his dynamic and eclectic sets. A recognizable figure in Southern Germany, he has been curating infamous underground raves in Mannheim for years, refining his craft and supporting a plethora of emerging talent. With roots in the infamous Gotec Club in Karlsruhe, Germany, Jakob’s sound is a fusion of driving beats, warm analog sounds and powerful atmospheres, peaking in an electrifying and pulsating experience that captures his audience as well as the attention of many influential artists.


Jannis Maxim is a 26-year-old Techno DJ hailing from Stuttgart, Germany. With a passion for quality sound, Jannis has made a name for himself in the techno scene as a highly sought-after artist. His sets are known for their driving basslines, hypnotic soundscapes and expertly curated track selection.
Jannis began his career as a resident DJ at Club Toy, one of Stuttgart’s premier techno clubs. It was there that he honed his skills and developed his signature sound.
In addition to his residency at Club Toy, Jannis is an active member of the Schimmer Records and basislager Records collectives. These groups are known for their commitment to quality techno and have helped to shape the sound of the south-german techno scene.
His sets are a journey through the deeper, darker side of techno, taking listeners on a sonic voyage that is both hypnotic and exhilarating.
His commitment to quality sound makes him a true techno purist.


Introducing LEO TIGER, hailing from Stu;gart, a DJ since 2021 with a rich musical upbringing rooted in family and childhood. Her sonic journey spans across the realms of Hardgroove, Techno, and Ghe;o Tech, promising an electrifying experience on the dance floor. Prepare to be capMvated and transported into ecstasy as her beats take over your senses.



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