15.12.2023 // 23-06 Uhr // Unterdeck



✧ Friedrich Freistil (Gigi Kollektiv) 
✧ Townes (communitas)


Introducing Antigone: 

At the forefront of the French techno scene, Antigone is today a leader and mentor for awhole new generation of electronic music producers and DJs. His entry into the world ofelectronic music has been highly acclaimed with his initial EP Forbidden Works published byConstruct Re-form. Antigone followed his debut with the Menace of Species release on ConcreteMusic, offering him a warm welcome from his peers.

His powerful DJ skills have guided Antigone to the doors of international clubs and festivals,rewarding him with a residency for 5 years at Concrete, where he continuously gathered acaptived public with a diversified and intense tracks selection, which definitely brought him asolid artistic reputation. Musicwise, his meteoric ascent and the warm reception to all hisproductions make Antigone an emblematic player in the French Techno scene.

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